Experts Tackle Flash, Cloud Storage at Interop Las Vegas

New technologies are driving innovation in the storage industry, giving IT and storage pros more options to address traditional challenges, including ever-growing data stores and the need for greater levels of efficiency and performance.

And stored data is piling up fast; 45% of respondents have between one and 99 terabytes under active management, and another 17% have between 100 and 499 Tbytes, according to InformationWeek’s 2014 State of Storage report.

Interop Las Vegas is partnering with independent storage experts to help attendees understand the latest technological developments, how to take advantage of them, and how to balance the inevitable tradeoffs that accompany innovations.

Flash memory-based solid state disks (SSDs) are the tip of the spear in storage innovation. SSDs promise incredible performance, but you’ll pay a premium, so IT and storage architects have to make careful investments.

Howard Marks, founder and chief scientist of the consulting firm, provides practical analysis of flash storage in his half-day workshop “Deploying SSDs In The Data Center.”

Attendees will learn how flash works and understand the pros and cons of flash variants. Howard will share practical insight into how flash-based SSDs can be used, including PCIe cards in servers, all-solid-state arrays, and hybrid systems that combine flash and traditional disks. He’ll discuss workloads and use cases best suited to each deployment model.

Howard will also teach a one-hour session that drills down into the use of server-based flash to accelerate applications. The session will look SSDs from SATA or PCIe to the latest flash DIMMs. It will also review software options, from simple read caching to software defined storage solutions that turn the flash across a cluster of servers into a virtual SAN.

Howard is a highly-rated Interop speaker and regularly earns accolades from attendees for his knowledge and presentation style. One attendee at Howard’s Las Vegas 2013 session wrote “Please invite this guy every year!”

You can hear Howard on E2 Radio on Thursday, January 30th at 2:00 p.m. Eastern in conversation with Curt Franklin, and chat with him live.

The cloud is emerging as a legitimate storage option. Stephen Foskett, a consultant and founder of the popular Tech Field Day gatherings, will examine cloud options in his half-day workshop “The Realities of Enterprise Cloud Storage.”

He’ll look at practical applications for today’s cloud offerings, including primary and archival storage. Attendees will come away with a clear understanding of cloud gateways and connectors, get ideas for building in-house cloud storage, and hear Stephen’s unbiased advice on when—and if—companies should adopt cloud storage.

Stephen is also teaching a technical one-hour session: “Software-Defined Storage: Reality Or BS?”  He’ll examine the unique challenges that storage presents to the “software-defined” wave and explore what a true software-defined storage platform looks like. He’ll also provide an overview of products that do and don’t meet the software-defined criteria.

Other workshops and sessions will address storage issues, including “Amazon Web Services Boot Camp” and “Infrastructure for Private Clouds.”

Interop is also pleased to welcome the following exhibitors with storage products and services:

  • Brocade
  • Cisco
  • Coraid
  • Dell
  • Druva
  • EVault
  • Fujitsu
  • HP
  • Nasuni
  • NEC
  • QLogic
  • Samsung
  • SanDisk
  • Savvis
  • SolidFire
  • Supermicro
  • Tegile Systems
  • VeriStor